Partnering Opportunities

The Grove Church is a 501(c)(3) organization, and as such, any donations made toward I Heart are tax deductable. If you own your own business, or work for a company who would be interested in matching funds or donating to I Heart, please let us know. You can donate funds or supplies such as:

  • painting supplies
  • bark
  • gloves
  • building and landscaping materials

Any business who donate or sponsor will have their names on signs at work sites. To let us know you're interested in signing up:

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What is I Heart?

I Heart is about people coming together and making an impact in their city. We love our city by doing service projects around our communities and reaching out to people in our area.

Shawn's Story

Shawn was excited to serve in I Heart Marysville this year. It made him want to start going to church. He saw what was done last year, and jumped in this year. He has been at The Grove Church for a while now, and this is his first time doing I Heart Marysville. It was great to have him pitching in and loving his community. Thanks for making Jesus famous in our city, Shawn!

Dave's Story

Dave is a teacher at Marysville Pilchuck High School, loves Jesus, and wanted to show his school how much he cared. Together, is team was able to make huge improvements to the look of the campus and have fun working with volunteers from the community. Thanks for making Jesus famous in our city, Dave!

Michelle's Story

Michelle is a christian, a mom, a wife, and spent her week serving kids in I Heart VBS. She was able to speak into the life of 3-10 year olds sharing Jesus with them, playing on great big inflateables, building relationships, and serving her community. It was a fantastic experience, and her story is amazing. Thank you for making Jesus famous in our city, Michelle!

Sue's Story

Sue spent a week serving at a local elementary school. She and an army of volunteers painted Libery Elementary, virtually resurrected an overgrown track, and cleared out debris and overgrowth that had been piling up for years. She \made some great friends, worked really hard, and did it with an amazing attitude. Thanks for making Jesus famous in our city, Sue!

Josiah's Story

Josiah is a student at The Grove Church who took part of his summer to make a big difference in his community. He made a huge impact at Pinewood Elementary School. We love it when people learn to Love God, Connect with Each Other, and Serve All! Thanks for making Jesus famous in our city, Josiah!

The Work Accomplished During I Heart Marysville 2013

MPHS Landscaping

  • 13 wood benches replaced with brand new lumber
  • One Huge Apple Tree Removed
  • 3 Old Stumps removed
  • 11 flower beds cleaned in the northwest corner of campus.
  • Removed trees, debris, pruning, removal of ivy and ground cover, weeds, and barking. 
  • Ivy pulled from grass/flowerbed/pole near pool area and bark placed.
  • Blackberry bushes removed from three beds 
  • Scorching/scraping weeds in brick patchwork area near center campus.
  • Sidewalks Pressured Washed and near cafeteria entrance
  • 30 yards of bark moved and placed all over campus
  • Garbage pick up all over campus
  • 30 yards of bark placed.
  • Cleaning up memorial gardens.

Liberty Elementary

  • School Building pressured washed and scrapped
  • South side of school completed repainted both body and trim color
  • Bus lines, walking lines, and playground lines repainted
  • 1 Portable ramp repaired with new lumber due to rotten boards
  • All Portable ramps pressured washed and repainted with non-skid paint
  • Track completed reclaimed, including:
  • Weeding, leveling and reclaiming/defining edge line on entire track
  • Cut back blackberry bushes, trees, branches, and creating openings around track
  • Loading truck loads of debris
  • 70 yards of gravel delivered and and spread
  • Hand leveling 10+ yards gravel in inaccessible areas
  • Edging front and side yards
  • Trimming bushes out front
  • Torching and pulling weeds in sidewalk cracks
  • Torching weeds on inner playground courtyard
  • Trimming, pruning, and landscaping in front of portables
  • Weed eater around all playground equipment
  • Removed and replaced decking on front portable walkway
  • Garbage pick up all over campus

MPHS Painting

  • Entire Gymnasium Painted with Red and White Stripe
  • Gym doors and windows repainted and a lot of graffiti covered.
  • Entire Middle Buildings Painted with Red and White Stripe
  • Graphitti paint covered on all buildings
  • Paint Used: Red (10-11 gals), white and grey (7-8 gals, each).

Pinewood Elementary 

  • Yellow Caution Line Repainted for kids bus line along 51st ave.
  • Portable Ramps pressured washed and repainted with non-skid paint
  • All Courtyard completely redone.
  • Weeds in every crack and center court removed
  • Garbage pick up all over campus
  • Hopscotch courts repainted
  • Foursquare courts recreated
  • USA completed redone with color coated states
  • Walking lines
  • Waiting lines
  • Basketball lines repainted and basketball poles

Cascade Elementary

  • 2 dugouts completed re-done
  • New plywood for the roof
  • New Rolled Roofing with Roofing Nails

Harborview Park

  • Shoveled, Loaded, and Spread 30 yards of bark
  • Weeded, pruned, and clean up all flower beds
  • Painted Picnic Benches and Bridges all along park trail
  • Shoveled, Loaded, and Spread 30 yards of park chips
  • Painted basketball lines and Basketball poles
  • Painted Park Benches 

Ebey WaterFront Park

  • Shoveled, Loaded, and Spread 40 yards of Bark
  • Weeded, Pruned, and raked flower beds out
  • Clean up garbage all over park

I Heart VBS

  • 900 Volunteer Hours logged by parents and students
  • 500 Meals Served to kids in our community
  • 99 Kids attended VBS a Day on Average
  • Kids and Leaders Memorized - Matthew 5:16